Development and implementation of an innovative nano-learning-based video platform for women excluded from the labour market.

Funding value EUR 179,957.14

Total project value 1,292,976.00 Polish Zloty (PLN)

The company was established in order to realise the project "Opracowanie i wdrożenie innowacyjnej, opartej o nano-learning, platformy video dla kobiet wykluczonych na rynku pracy."

The project envisages the development and implementation of an innovative online platform where users will be able to go through multiple learning paths in marketing and business.

The learning scheme will be based on micromoment theory and nano-learning in order to maximise efficiency and adapt the process to the specifics of today's world. The emphasis of the project will also be on mobile learning − there will be both a PC and mobile phone version of the app, so that the user can educate on any device.

The application will be aimed primarily at excluded women who intend to further their education and gain the competences necessary on the labour market, e.g. after returning from maternity or parental leave. To this end, the videos will be prepared in such a way that they can be viewed anywhere and at any time.

More about the project:

The project is executed within the framework of The EOG and Norwegian Funds. These are funds that serve cooperation in favour of reducing economic and social inequalities in Europe. Since their inception, thousands of projects have been implemented, involving even more people, contributing to these goals. Relationships have been developed and results achieved. The project implemented by the company aims to reduce gender inequalities in the labour market.

The project implemented by the company aims to reduce gender inequalities in the labour market.

We are fulfilling priority axis Norway Grants 2014-2021, Small Grants Schemes for female enterprises.

Together we are working for a green, competitive and socially inclusive Europe!